Your Time Should Be Just Yours.

Mercedes-Benz Express Service

Express Service Saves You Time 

We have optimized retail operational process so that from order confirmation to return of car key②, Basic Service A only takes 60 minutes and Basic Service B takes 90 minutes. 

  • Within 60 minutes, Basic Service A includes oil change, filter change, 12 items of comprehensive vehicle check-up③ and basic vehicle cleaning of both interior and exterior.
  • Within 90 minutes, Basic Service B includes oil change, filter change, air filter change, 21 items of comprehensive vehicle check-up③ and basic vehicle cleaning of both interior and exterior. 

Service Expressway with Prior Appointment 

With service scope and quality standards remaining unchanged, we are able to cut down on maintenance time through retail operational process optimization. 

  • Phone appointment: Phone up your authorized dealer at least 1 day prior to book a suitable time for Express Service.
  • Reserved parts: Your appointment activates our reservations of technicians and the necessary replacement parts to avoid any delay.
  • Dedicated parking lot: Your timely arrival (recommended 10 minutes advanced arrival) guarantees availability of your dedicated parking lot.
  • Express Service workbay: Maintenance will be performed at dedicated workbay so as to ensure all procedures to be carried out smoothly.
  • Dual technicians: A pair of technicians working simultaneously fosters efficiency whilst meeting high quality standards.
  • Car wash priority: Privilege to enjoy car wash with no waiting time for every vehicle on Express Service. 

Enjoy More of Life 


① Express Service is only applicable to those who make appointments at least 1 day prior. We advise you to arrive at our shop 10 minutes in advance.

② Time taken for Express Service does not include time incurred owing to any failure on the part of the car owner to take back his car key.

③ Scope of Basic Service A & B will vary according to individual vehicle models. Please contact your service advisor for details.

④ Time taken for Express Service begins when customer confirms order and ends when the car key is handed back.