Blue Light Package

The Smart Choice, Stand-alone Maintenance

3 years+ Car Owner's Exclusive Maintenance Feedback, Only the Blue Light Package has:

Service Content Different combined package formats of Basic Service A and Basic Service B ①
Applicable Vehicles Please refer to vehicle models listed in the "Service Contract Blue Light: Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price List”
Time Periods and Ranges After the car is three years old, it will end after the number of maintenances has reached that of the package agreement ②
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price ③ Different advantages are provided by different package combinations


① Please refer to the relevant promotional materials of the Star maintenance menu for the content of Basic Service A and Basic Service B.

② This can be used within 20 years of 500,000 km of driving.

③ All the prices mentioned above are manufacturer suggested retail prices. Please consult your Mercedes-Benz authorized dealers about the actual transaction price.

④ Service under the Blue Light Package will be provided through the Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer from which you purchased the Blue Light Package, and its dealer subsidiaries within the same dealer group.