Star Maintenance Menu

Worry-free Maintenance Begins with Transparency

Star Maintenance Menu Overview

Basic Service A Oil、Oil filter、Comprehensive vehicle check up、Basic vehicle cleaning (interior and exterior)
Basic Service B Oil、Oil filter、Air filter 、Comprehensive vehicle check up、Basic vehicle cleaning (interior and exterior)
Oil Upgrades AMG high performance engine oil、Mobil 1 oil
Fixed Interval Services:
(based on a fixed period of time)
Brake fluid、Combination filter、Transmission oil and filter (5 speed)、Transmission oil and filter (7 speed)、Transmission oil and filter (9 speed)、Spark plugs (CGI model*)、Spark plugs (non-CGI model)、Cable Plugs
Wear & Tear Services:
(based on vehicle checkup results)
Wiper blades (front)、Wiper blades (rear) 、Brake pads (front)、Brake pad and brake disc (front)、Brake pads (rear)、Brake pad and brake disc (rear)、V-belt Starter、battery
Car Care Service Air-con cleaning package

Details of Star Maintenance Menu


1. Maintenance service details may be affected by various factors, such as changes in vehicle configuration, modification of vehicle technology and upgrades to vehicle editions. The maintenance service menus only apply to authorized dealers who participate in Star Maintenance Menu Program on voluntary basis. All the prices mentioned above are manufacturer suggested retail prices, please consult your Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer about the actual transaction price prior to accepting the service.

2. All menus include parts and labour fees and only apply to vehicles that are specified for P.R. China market.

3. Please ask your local Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer regarding vehicle models not covered under Star Maintenance Menu.

4. Star Maintenance Menu only includes the most basic maintenance services required for daily vehicle use. Maintenance and other repair items for specific vehicle models and mileage levels must be based on the results of the actual vehicle check-up performed by the dealer.

5. In order to ensure your vehicle in good conditions, we advise that you perform routine maintenance and repair at Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer in accordance with inspection requirements based on periodic cycles and mileage intervals (with regard to Basic Service A, Basic Service B, Fixed Interval Services) set forth in the manufacturer’s maintenance manual, or based on the results of actual vehicle check-ups *(with regard to Wear & Tear Services) conducted by the dealer in accordance with your specific vehicle model and usage conditions.